Body Wrap


****Most important bring a

*Towel, yoga pants or gym shorts****

 Lost 2 1/2 inches off of his chest and 6 1/2 inches off of his stomach and 1 inch off of his thigh by getting a Body Wrap every two weeks.


Infrared saunas are unique in that they allow you the ability to lose weight “without lifting a finger”. I know, I know – this sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. And this isn’t just “water weight” we’re talking about here.

Studies have shown that sitting in an infrared sauna for 20 minutes can burn upwards of  900 calories. When you use an infrared sauna, your core body temperate increases (not your surface body temperature like a regular steam or rock sauna), and your body works hard to cool it down. This causes an increase in your heart rate, metabolic rate and cardiac output, allowing you to burn calories while you sit back and relax.

Clinical studies have confirm the many therapeutic benefits of a InfraRed sauna Body Wrap.  

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